Dear Field Editors, Reviewers, Authors and Readers...


Dear Field Editors, Reviewers, Authors and Readers...

Ethics committee approval must be obtained separately for studies conducted in all branches of science, including social sciences, and clinical and experimental studies on humans and animals that require an ethics committee decision, which is included in the 2020 Criteria of TR Index, and this approval must be stated and documented in the article. " "Ethics committee approval" is required for articles that are uploaded to our system on or after January 1, 2020 and contain quantitative/qualitative field research.

Articles without ethics committee approval should be removed from the process at any stage.

All kinds of responsibility of the studies sent to our journal within the rules specified by the journal belong to the author(s). The thoughts and suggestions in the articles are entirely the responsibility of the authors. The opinions in the articles cannot be attributed to the journal.

The articles sent for publication must not have been published elsewhere or sent for publication. In case of such a situation (Duplication), it is announced on the journal's website that the article has been removed from the journal system.

All publication rights of the articles approved by the editorial board belong to the Journal of the Faculty of Applied Sciences, including publishing them in full text in the electronic environment.

Our journal does not charge any publication fee at any stage. In addition, authors are not paid royalties.

Submitted works are not returned whether they are published or not.

Accepted articles are given a DOI number.