Ormancılık Sektöründe Risk Analizi ve Değerlendirilmesi


  • Beytullah ASLAN
  • Süleyman ŞİMŞEK


Forestry, Occupational Health, Safety, Risk Analysis, L Matrix.


With the industrialization in the world and in our country, the importance given to occupational health and safety has increased, and in this context, a separate standard has been established in order to ensure occupational health and safety and to be protected by continuous improvement (OHSAS 18001 - TS 18001) Occupational Health and Safety Management System. The most important pillar of this management system is the identification of risks. Making a risk assessment in the workplace is very important for both a legal obligation and the economy of the enterprise and the country. Major material losses occur as a result of work accidents and occupational diseases occurring in the workplaces. Risk analysis has also been made compulsory with the relevant articles of the 4857 numbered labor law, which is the basic law on occupational health and safety in our country. As an example of these studies, risk analysis was carried out with the L-type matrix study method in the forestry sector. Measures were taken for the risks seen as a result of the risk analysis study.



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