Facility/Building Management Risk Assessment


  • Orkun Samet SERTTAŞ
  • Süleyman ŞİMŞEK


Facility/Building, Risk, Evaluation, Strategy, Matrix Analysis.


As part of this study, I will review Risk Assessment Strategies for the Facility/Building Management Industry. While the risk is less visible or obvious in other lines of business, the Plant/Buildings we occupy are under our feet and over our heads every day. Risk management in the use and operations of the Facility/Building we occupy, from warehouses to entertainment areas, commercial kitchens and traditional office spaces, has been the subject of this study, which should be done with a holistic approach. Facility/Building managers often struggle with planned replacement and often delay work due to budget constraints that can increase costs in the long run. Regular preventive maintenance is often overlooked, which can cause damage to buildings and facilities. Facility/Building managers struggle with planned replacement and in the long run cost increase delays work due to budget constraints. Facility risk is most visible at the operational level; It is possible to see how a broken handrail or slippery surface could potentially cause injury. Facility risk management is a simple scheme to approach but complex to master. Addressing facility risks in a systematic way will help facilitate the facilities' mission. As a result, risk assessments aim to identify hazards in facilities and structures; deciding who will be harmed and how; It serves to assess the risk and decide on the appropriate action strategy.



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