Occupational Health and Safety Practice in Mining Workplaces


  • Osman KAYA
  • Süleyman ŞİMŞEK


Occupational Health and Safety, Risk Analysis and Application, Mining industry, Square Matrix


The mining industry is a very risky sector since it covers many areas from the mining phase to production and transportation. The sector is known with high occupational accident rates due to the inadequate prevention of risks arising during mining activities. Mining is based on the principle of producing by keeping up with environmental conditions against constantly changing natural conditions. For this reason, risks that may occur during mining activities must be accurately defined and evaluated. As a result of the concept of occupational health and safety developing day by day, risk assessment has started to be made actively with the establishment of occupational safety culture in our country. In the light of the positive developments in the field of occupational safety in the world, the importance of risk assessment has been understood in our country. The Occupational Health and Safety Law No. 6331 is constantly revised and the risk assessment issue is constantly improved. It is a legal obligation to make a risk assessment in all enterprises and naturally in mining enterprises. In addition to the positive contributions of making risk assessment in businesses, the benefits to our country should not be overlooked.



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