Comparison of Dense (Dense) and Extensive (Sparse) Green Roof Systems


  • Payenda Mohammad ZAMANI İnşaat Mühendisliği Bölümü, İstanbul Aydın Üniversitesi, İSTANBUL


Green roofs, Intensive green roofs, Extensive (sparse) green roofs


Today, the rapidly increasing world population triggers the formation of multi-storey building typologies in our cities and brings many environmental problems with it. In addition, increasing structural activities with rapidly developing technologies, while destroying nature, also cause environmental problems such as global warming and climate change, and pollution of air and water. This situation has led to the introduction of building terms such as sustainable, green, environmentally friendly, which are becoming more and more effective today. Green roof systems are one of the sustainable, environmentally friendly and innovative building systems developed and put forward in this context.

In this study, the concept of green roof, which is an alternative system proposal against the problems brought by intensive urbanization, has been examined, and the types of green roofs have been classified and put forward. At the same time, green roof systems, which are classified as intensive (dense) and extensive (sparse), were compared and evaluated by revealing their advantages and disadvantages.



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